Mannequins are very expensive and need to be maintained on a regular basis in order for them to do their job, which is sell clothes. What is seen in your windows and on the selling floor is a direct reflection of who you are as a retailer. If you have mannequins that have broken body parts, are leaning badly on their stands, or just generally look messy and in bad shape, then you need to call us. Contact us for current prices.

• No job is too large or small.
• All brands repaired.
• Existing or custom finish can be matched.
• Existing or New Make Ups can be created.
• Body Conversions from Head to Headless offered.
(Give new life to an mannequin before buying a new one).
• Original replacement parts always supplied where possible.
• Pick up and delivery service in the Tri-State area available. Call for quote.
• Corporate Programs are our specialty. They can be tailored to your suit your specific needs.

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